Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Rise & Fall of Suge Knight / Death Row

Suge Knight was born Marion Knight in Compton, Los Angeles. Early on he was involved with the Mob Piru Bloods street gang and later in life even wore their colors, Red. Knight went to college on a football scolarship in Las Vegas and even played as a replacement player on the Oakland Raiders when football was on strike in the 80's.Knight became a bodyguard standing 6'4 and weighing in a a massive 320 pounds. He became known for his acts of violence including forcing business rivals to drink urine to get what he wanted. His 1st run in with the law was in 1987 for auto theft, concealing a weapon, and attempted murder charges yet he got off with only probabtion. 2 years later he formed his own music comapny and made his first big money by making Vanilla ICE sign over the royalties from his smash CD "To the extreme". Vanilla ICE accused Knight of hanging him over a high rise balcony to get what he wanted and later retracted the entire story. In 1992 Knight was arrested for assaulting 2 rappers who used the phone without his consent and sent to prison for 9 years but only received 2 plus probation.Knight opened a night club called "662" which stood for "MOB" his gang affiliation, on a telephone keypad,and pleaded no contest for firearms trafficking and was sentenced yet again to probabtion.Knights feud with Sean "Puffy" Combs East vs. West became ugly when Knight insulted Combs live at an awards show.Death Row took a dramatic change for the good when Knight posted bail for Tupac Shakur. Shakur brought Deat Row back to life again and West coast music which at the time was shifting to the East. The label suffered when Dr. Dre decided to leave Death Row and start his own record label things were getting out of hand at this point. Pac and Knight were all about the ganster lifestyle when Las Vegas happened. Knight violated his probation for his part in the lobby after the Tyson fight and was sentenced to 9 years in prison and that spelled the end of the Death Row record empire.
When Biggie was murdered in the same fashion as Pac all specuation went towards Knight. During Knights time in prision his house was raided and the police seized a vehicle thought to be the the getaway car in Smalls murder.Knight was released from Prison in 2001 serving only 5 years and went straight back to work renaming the label "Tha Row". In 2002 the offices of tha row were raided by police looking for evidence in the murders of 2 gang killings but only Knights associates were connected he was clean. But Knight was not to be around gang members so once again he violated his parole and was given short jail time and 2oo hours service in the community.In 2003 Knight was arrested again for assaulting a parking lot attendant but only served one year was released in 2004.
Shot Miami, FL (28-Aug-2005)
Attempted Murder 1987, pled no contest
Grand Theft Auto 1987, pled no contest
Battery 1990, charges dismissed
Assault 1992, pled guilty 1995
Assault 1996
Violating Probation 1996
Violating Parole 23-Dec-2002
Violating Parole allegedly punched parking lot attendant Mehdi Lazrak 27-Jun-2003
Drug Possession: Marijuana Barstow, CA 5-Feb-2005
Violating Parole Barstow, CA 5-Feb-2005


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