Saturday, April 15, 2006

Orlando Anderson "aka Baby Lane" / BIggie Smalls Involvement

It all started about three months before the shooting in a Southern California mall, just near Long Beach. Three members of The Mob Piru Bloods (Most of Death Row Records is allegedly maintained and ran by the Mob Piru Bloods aka M.O.B., including the infamous and shaddy CEO Suge Knight.), went into a Foot Locker to purchase some shoes. One of the blood gangmember's allegedly worked for Death Row Records and was wearing the infamous diamond cut medallion (worn by Death Row staff and artists).
Just after leaving Foot Locker, they headed back to thier 1996 Lexus, about 8-10 rival Southside Crips rushed the three blood gangmember's and one of the crips manage to get the Death Row medallion. The person who stole it was allegedly Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson. Now this is the blossoming of Tupac's early demise.
Three months later we enter The MGM Grand and Tupac is with his Death Row entourage among many is the same Mob Piru Blood that was jumped by the Southside Crips in Lakewood, California. He [the blood] spot's Orlando Anderson and Tupac heads over to start what appears to be a royal ass beating on one Anderson.
8:30PM Tupac Shakur & Marion "Suge" Knight attend the Tyson / Seldon heavyweight champonship boxing match at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Tupac doesnt want to attend but at the last minute decides to go because Suge wants him there. Suge shows up late to the fight after it has already started when he takes his seat.

8:45PM In the hotel lobby after the fight Shakur & Knight & their bodyguards assault Orlando Anderson, a member of the Southside Crips gang, over a stolen Death Row chain. The entire fight is caught on a surveillance tape from the MGM hotel. This tape is also the tape that later sends Suge Knight back to prison for parole violation. Orlando Anderson is questioned by the police and doesn't press charges and then the police let him go.

9:00PM Tupac goes back to his room to change clothes and calls Kidiah Jones "Quincy Jones daughter" who tupac is seeing and talks to her about the altercation they had in the lobby. She is worried and tupac tells her their is nothing to worry about and what his plans are for the evening. Tupac decides not to wear his vest on the ride to club 662 even after the fight in the lobby because he thinks its too hot.

Within 2 hours ? Orlando Anderson meets a group of Southside Crips at a room at Treasure Island to plot vengeance agaisnt Shakur. They send an envoy to MGM to meet Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace who is also in town for business". They propose to kill Shakur for 1 million dollars and Wallace consents and provides the weapon.
(This is all here say....Biggie denied even being in Vegas)

10:15 10:30PM Shakur & Knight lead a convoy of cars north on the strip on their way to club 662 owned by Death Row records. Tupac is scheduled to peform there later that night.Knights car is playing Tupac's new cd "MAKAVELI the don killuminati the 7 day theory" so loud people on the street are looking.

10:30 11:00PM Shakur & Knight are pulled over for not having plates on the BMW which are in the trunk so they are let go without questioning. Someone pulls up beside the car and snaps a picture of a worried looking Shakur which is suppose to be the last picture taken before the shooting.

11:00PM Orlando Anderson and 3 other Crips pick up a older white Cadillac and another member meets them and follows behind them closely.

11:00 11:17PM The 2 Cadillac's turn left from Las Vegas blvd onto Flamingo road heading east and they see the Death Row caravan stopped at a red light at Koval Lane.

11:17PM The Cadillac pulls right beside the BMW the Death Row caravan are all behind Shakur no one is beside them for protection. The BMW is sprayed with gunfire and Shakur is hit in the chest with four rounds. He tries to jump in the back seat during the shooting but only gets hit more. The Cadillac turns right onto Koval Lane escaping with no chase. No one in Shakurs convoy takes chase after the shooters? Knight makes a u-turn and eventually crashes the BMW into a curb on the strip after driving about 3 miles out of the way from the nearest hospital.


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