Monday, April 10, 2006


The night of the Tyson/Seldon fight Tupac was wearing a large medallion that he had purchased containing $30,000 worth of diamonds which was 3 inches in diameter. The medallion itself isn't odd but the image on it is. The middle of it contained an emblem for "Euphanasia" the name of PAC's new company. It had a image of a muscular black angel of death on his knees with his head tilted down and on his back a huge pair of wings and a halo.
Euphansia was Pac's take on Euthanasia which means an easy and painless death or a way to end suffering.
The chain dangled from his neck and went to the middle of his chest. It's funny how they said it was too hot for a bullet proof vest that night yet he wore this huge medallion with such symbollic meaning the entire evening. You can see it in the last picture taken of Pac in the car


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