Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bury me a "G"

How long will they mourn me?
Why was the memorial service cancelled for the Tupac fans? Biggie Smalls ~ aka ~ Christopher Wallace had a large memorial service that most fan's saw on MTV. Why wasn't the same done for Tupac? Why did Afeni choose to cancel her own sons memorial service? She always talked about how Tupac did things for his fans so why would she deprive them of this last thing if something wasn't up?

In most of Tupac's songs he always talked about being buried why was he cremated immediatly following his death. This also was a ongoing murder investigation what was the hurry to cremate the body?

Here is an example from the song "Life goes on"
Bury me smilin' with G's in my pocket have a party at my funeral let every rapper rock it let tha hoes that I usta know from way before kiss me from my head to my toe give me a paper and a pen so I can write about my life of sin a couple bottles of Gin incase I don't get in tell all my people i'm a Ridah nobody cries when we die we outlawz.

I have major issues with the death certificate and the validity of this document.The height and weight on the actual death certiciate reads 6ft and 215 pounds.Where did this information come from? Tupac never weight 215 pounds his drivers license reads 5"10 168 pounds?
I have heard that there is a 72 million dollar life insurance policy on Pac which has yet to be cashed. No legal actions could be taken against him as long as it isn’t cashed.

Earnings: $5 million
Occupation: Musician
Date of death: Sept. 13, 1996
Age: 25
Cause: Murder
Survived by: mother Afeni Shakur, one sister

More prolific in death than in life, Tupac Shakur has released seven albums since he was gunned down on the Las Vegas Strip in 1996 (his murder remains unsolved). Last year his estate released Tupac: Resurrection, a documentary produced by his mother; the soundtrack sold 1.4 million copies. Another album is due out in November, and then, Inside a Thug's Heart, a book of letters and poems written during Tupac's stay at Riker's Island prison. All the proceeds from Makaveli Branded, the fashion line launched last year by his mother, go to his charity, the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.


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