Monday, March 13, 2006

Hail Mary

Hail Mary?
when Pac says, "Run, quick, see, what do we have here now? This is what happens when everyone discovered Jesus has risen from the dead. Mary Magaline was the first who discovered Jesus was gone.

Who is the producer of the 7 day theory.... Simon? In the bible, Simon helped Jesus carry the cross. Suge Knight is the producer of the 7 day theory why did he change his name to Simon? Simon was an apostle who was one of the first witnesses of the ressurection listed by St. Paul.

Joshua Dream?
What's Joshua Dream? Joshua in the Bible dreamed of Jesus rising from the dead. Most of the songs are published by Joshua's dream.
Why did Pac have Exit Tupac-Enter Makaveli? Because he is coming back as a new person and Tupac was killed off.

Cover of Makaveli 7 day theory CD?
Why was tupac portrayed like Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross?
Was tupac planning a ressurection?

Notice how Pac change the spelling of Makaveli.
If you do some rearranging of the letters it can read several things there was a reason he changed the spelling from Machiavelli to Makaveli:
Makaveli = Make alive

Notice how Pac used 'The don Killuminati' on the 7 day theory CD:
Killuminati is Global revolutionary change. A spiritual awareness, a mental change, a physical change, an a change in the destiny of african people. Killuminati initiates change in the mind, body, and spirit of africans, while being conscious of the enemy, the Illuminati. The Illuminati are the same group of elitists who brought slavery, the same people who run the world today, with the same values and goals. They have since only changed faces and improved upon their methods of exploitation. Killuminati is a path way to Traditional Spiritual.

The Killuminati Hierarchy is this at the top, in the highest and third degree, is the Don, the Don Killuminati. Only the 13 people in the second degree, the Killuminati Council, know the identity of the Don.
The Killuminati's hierarchy. The name of the Tupac CD is called
MAKAVELI the don killuminati the 7 day theory
"Ok on tha 7th Im dead yet Im really alive"


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