Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Autopsy Picture

What is really suspicious to me is that the only picture out after Tupac's death is the alleged autopsy picture? Being such a high profile celebrity isn't it funny how there were never any pictures released of Tupac in the hospital but somehow Cathy Scott the author of "the killing of Tupac Shakur" got her hands on a autopsy picture?
Cathy Scott got an autopsy photo of Tupac dissected on a table at the morgue. It is not an official coroner or police photo, and was offered $100,000 for it from The National Enquirer.
Afeni made a positive identification of Tupac’s body at 5. A mortuary van took his body to the Clark County Coroner’s office at 5:10. They did an autopsy. It determined that Tupac didn’t have any illegal drugs in hisbody, but was heavily sedated. The autopsy report is on file at the office, but is not deemed by Nevada state law to be public.
Why is the quality so bad that you can hardly see his tatoos on his body?
Look at his chest it looks a little out of porportion to his body?
Why did the doctors cut his upper chest area extending from his right shoulder? Seems odd where the doctors made incisions?


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