Thursday, April 06, 2006

CD booklet to Makaveli-The 7 Day Theory

SUSPICIOUS clues inside booklet:

There are several letters, symbols, and numbers hidden in the finger and palm prints in the CD booklet to Makaveli-The 7 Day Theory. The symbols look almost arabic inside the fingertips. This is really important if anyone can figure this out or translate what it says?

In an interview done in August 1996 one month before the Vegas trip Tupac said this in the interview:
"Maybe next month all of this will be over, but this month I'm taking out every living target."
"I plotted every single step from this to this, you know what I mean? Everything is plotted.... I feel like an elected official."
Its funny how this interview was done in August and the next month was September 1996 when everything went down.


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