Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Suge Knight Theory

2Pac was about to leave Death Row Records. His album entitled "Don Killuminati : The 7 Day Theory" was the last album he had to do for Death Row Records. He was now going to work on his new record company called "Makaveli Records". Makaveli Records is the the new record company 2Pac planned on doing with "Tha Outlaw Immortalz".
With 2pac not on the label anymore Death Row Records wasn't going to make any money off 2Pac. If they killed 2Pac everything related to him would bring in a whole lot of cash. And, they would now have all of his unreleased songs which they would release under their lable on soundtracks, compilation albums and possibly even new 2Pac albums. It also gets rid of the competition they'd recieve from Makaveli Records.
Death Row Records was very uncooperative with the police after 2Pac's death. They hardly told the police anything . In many occasions, the police and newsreporters couldn't even find people on Death Row Records to question. ABC interviewed Suge Knight after the shooting of 2Pac. He was asked, "If you knew who killed 2Pac, would you tell the police?". Suge then replied "Absolutly Not".
If you know about "Makaveli Records", you know about The Outlaw Immortalz. They are the rappers who would be working with 2Pac on "Makaveli Records". one of the members who went by the name "kadafi" was reportedly going to cooperate with the police soon afterwards turns up dead.
Death Row Records now goes by the name "New & Untouchable". This name started being used when the Makaveli album came out... What makes them untouchable now?
Death Row Records, (specifically Suge Knight) had 2Pac killed to earn ALL revenues from his soon-to-be released material. Also, Death Row Records owed 2Pac a reported $9,892,814 and if 2Pac was dead, they would obviously no longer owe him this money.

Why did Suge Knight drive the complete opposite direction of the 2 hospitals in Las Vegas, one being the largest in Vegas? He almost drove a full mile before the car stopped on its own. If Pac was really shot, this waste of time could have killed him.
When the shooting started Suge did a U-turn and headed West toward the strip. If he would have driven straight on Flamingo he would of headed straight towards one of the hospitals.
By the time he stopped the car he was 3 miles away from the hospital that was 2 miles directly in front of him on Flamingo and 3.5 miles from University Hospital.Seems odd for someone not to know where to go who is from Vegas and familiar with the surroundings.

Taken from E-Online April 4th 2006:

Suge, Death Row Bottom Out
by Gina Serpe

Marion "Suge" Knight, once the most imposing figure in hip-hop, filed for personal and corporate bankruptcy Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to avoid losing control of his Death Row Records label.
The recording company, the linchpin of West Coast rap in the 1990s, now known simply as Tha Row, had been expected to be taken over by the court to make good on a $107 million judgment against Knight.
The bankruptcy filings, which cover both Knight and Tha Row, effectively forestall the transfer of the record company, which is the focus of a high-stakes legal battle between Knight and Lydia Harris, who claims she helped build the hip-hop empire but was never properly compensated.

"He has no choice," said his lawyer, Laurence Strick. "Mr. Knight doesn't have $107 million."

Harris filed a complaint against Knight in 2002, alleging she and her ex-husband Michael Harris had helped bankroll Death Row and were thus entitled to half of the earnings generated by the label, which once counted Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur among its roster of artists. According to court papers, Harris claimed Knight was trying to "destroy her ability to lay claim to her rightful share of the ownership and profits" of the company.

In March of last year, without even going to trial, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ronald M. Sohigian sided with Harris, ordering Knight to pay her $107 million. The judge cited Knight's inability to cooperate in the court inquiries as the chief reason for the ruling. (Knight filed a countersuit in February, but that did not nullify the judgment.)

Knight refused to pay up, missing four court-ordered debtor examinations, which were scheduled to assess Knight's finances and determine a payment schedule.

Lydia Harris' attorney, Rex Bearber, called out the rap mogul's truancy, saying he was simply "playing games" to avoid opening his wallet.

Last month, Sohigian gave Knight one last chance, setting a date of Apr. 1. Despite being admonished that his absence from the appointment would result in his record label being handed over to a receivership, Knight once again was a no-show.

But under federal bankruptcy laws, Knight's filing shields him, at least temporarily, from losing the label.

Per court documents, Knight says he has assets of $50,000 and debts of more than $100 million. The Death Row filing lists assets of $1.5 million and debt stands of about $120 million. Both list the $107 million judgment and more than $11.7 million in tax debt as outstanding debt. Knight notes that he is disputing the tax figures.

Knight, who got out of prison in 2003 after nearly five years behind bars for a parole violation, has been unable to return Tha Row to its glory days.

Bearber says Knight's maneuver was not unexpected.

"Bankruptcy is by its nature the final stop in these games of delay," he said.

Michael Harris' lawyer, Steven Goldberg, asked Sohigian to hold Knight in contempt of court and jail him for his failure to show at the string of debtor hearings, but the judge declined.

Knight now has 15 days to list all his assets and he must submit to questioning in court. Should the mogul fail to fully disclose all of his finances in the upcoming hearings, he could be found guilty of bankruptcy fraud.

"We're going to follow Suge Knight to whatever court he runs to," Michael Harris' lawyer, Stephen Goldberg, said. "We'll follow him to the courts of hell if necessary, but he's going to satisfy this judgment."


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