Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Machiavelli Ten Point Plan

By: Karen Murphy-Smith
Makaveli is said to be Shakur's alter ego, which is steeped in the philosophy of Italian political theorist Niccolo Machiaveli. 2Pac read Machiavelli's The Prince more than once. (Bantam Books, Classics) Poli. Sci. students and political moguls should be familiar with terms like Machiavellianism and Machiavellian, which refers to this political doctrine that denies the relevance of morality in political affairs, and holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing and maintaing political power. (AmericanHeritage Dictionary, second college edition).The name Makaveli or Machiavelli is synonymous with controversy. Niccolo Machiavelli the 14th century Italian high-level functionary and moverand shaker, wrote The Prince as a tool or handbook for rulers during the Florentine era in 1513. In The Prince, Machiavelli presents a ten point plan for aspiring conquerors which includes:
Studying and familiarizing one's self with the Kingdoms that they wish to conquer.
2.Annihilating or expelling the conquered Kings.
3.Extinguishing all heirs to the throne.
4.Purging the Kingdoms of defectors, spies, and traitors.
5.Selecting advisors who will strengthen one's Kingdoms.
6.Keeping previously established oppressive taxes and laws. Or,establishing them.
7.Intimidating or putting the fear in the hearts of neighboring Kings.
8.Moving to, and residing in the newly conquered Kingdoms.
9.If one chooses not to reside in or near those Kingdoms, then establishing colonies there.
10.If one does not reside there, nor establishes coloniesthere, then sending troops to occupy the area's (All the while the Prince must be mindful, that he can never really trust anyone- except for himself; that fearful subjects are better than loving subjects; and finally, that everything and everyone is expendable for the sake of one's Kingdom).

This pragmatic belief system which considered morality andethics incompatible to political objectives, in some respects corresponds to thefiery lifestyle that young Shakur - who survived a near death drive-by shooting attempt on his life, nearly a year incarcerated, and a tragic and untimely death(?) two months ago, had carved out for himself. This charismatic, outspoken,influential, pragmatic, an controversial genius was born in the Bronx, NY. 2Pac produced five albums and starred in several films.Friends, enemies, and fans alike honored, (not buried him) during candle-light vigils, memorial services, and scheduled events around thecountry. 2Pac's death(?) appeared to have had a cathartic affect in the Rap Music Industry. Those west-coast/east-coast rivalries seem to have diminished (for the time being). Was 2Pac Shakur - - Rap's sacrifical lamb? Have the curtains orbarriers between rival factions been transformed into common threads? Perhaps 2Pac hoped so, which is why Makaveli is with us today.Just how alive Makaveli is, can be determined from the rather sketchy information surrounding 2Pac's death(?), understanding the significance in his name change to Makaveli, listening to the Introduction of the Makaveli recording, listening to the dialogue between some of the songs on the recording, listening to the various sound effects throughout the recording, listening closely to the lyrics of the first song Bomb First, the fifth song - Blasphemy - and the last song - Against All Odds - reading the un-coded message inside theCD/tape cover, reading the words on the CD/tape front cover, and deciphering thereligious symbols on the CD/tape front cover


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