Thursday, October 25, 2007

2-Pac Assassination DVD : My Thoughts

I watched the DVD last night and have so many unresolved questions concerning this DVD. The entire theory of the movie wants us to believe that Pac was murdered and the entire Las Vegas Tyson fight was a set up from the start. 2 parties were implicated here Suge Knight of Death Row and Reggie Wright head of security.I have a very hard time believing that all of this could unfold perfectly on one night.
Could the shooter really have been that "GOOD"and hit PAC only and have missed Suge Knight the driver entirely?
If the shooter was Orlando Anderson like they think was he that good of a shot to unload his gun into the side of the BMW in such a pressure situation and only hit PAC?
I'm sorry but this DVD is full of here say. I am not saying Death Row wasn't involved but I cannot sit here and believe that this one evening went down so perfectly without a hitch.
You've also got the "new" story about Kadafi now telling the police he couldn't identify the shooter but only the driver? Cathy Scott who also is on the DVD wrote a book called "The Killing of Tupac Shakur" and in her book she reported that Kadafi was the only eye witness of the shooter and he told the police he could maybe identify the shooter. Why now are they changing this story. We can't ask Kadafi because he is dead a victim of a "random" shooting which was done execution style by the way. I wish one of the outlaws would step up and tell the truth here. Where are you guys? Don't you have Pac's back still and what about Kadafi he was a member of the outlaws why you gonna let him go out like this? Frank Alexander is the only one on this DVD I believe. I think he really had PAC's back and was good friends with PAC and really went to do the job but Wright security took the ball out of his hands and basically set "big" Frank up.
I still think this video was done to cover up the truth and really what is happening. I cannot hide from the facts that the people needed to uncover this are dead but Kadafi and even Orlando Anderson "who is also dead now" know what happened that night. Suge Knight also knows what went down yet he sits quietly and doesn't cooperate. If you are a true PAC fan like me the video is a must but it really doesn't answer the questions I wanted answered. It doesn't even show much PAC footage. Its basically all interviews with the bodyguards and Cathy Scott and a expert in the field of "Assassinations" which is what the dvd's theory is based on.
I can't pump this up like its the greatest DVD but it does shed some interesting things all based on peoples opinions of course.


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