Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Connection? Orlando Anderson?

I read the murder of Tupac Shakur also by Cathy Scott which was pretty insightful to say the least so I assumed that this book would also have some valuable information in it as well pertaining to 2-Pac. I didn't get this book just to read about Christopher Wallace but to see what else she had to say about my boy Pac.
I also learned through this book which I thought was very odd that Orlando Anderson was also at the music industry party hosted by vibe that Biggie was attending the night he was killed. For any of you "newbies" Orlando Anderson was a reputed Crips gang member who had been roughed up by 2-pac and Suge Knight the night of the Tyson / Seldon Fight in 1996 just hours before 2-Pac was gunned down in Las Vegas. Anderson was also the reason Knight went back to prison for parole violation.
Here was Orlando Anderson partying it up at a party with Biggie and not to mention also attending was Kidada Jones, 2-Pac's girlfriend, when he was killed in vegas, since her dad Quincy was hosting the party. I'm sure she felt uneasy about him even being there and why was he there? Gang affiliations? The outcome was the same as 2-Pac's Biggie left the party got into the passenger set of a SUV drove away and was gunned down by an unknown driver. Murder still unsolved. Was Orlando Anderson the set up guy "again" ? Orlando Andereson can't even defend his own story since he was shot and killed in an altercation.


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