Thursday, July 13, 2006

New 2 Pac Album in Fall of 2006

The final 2pac album of unreleased material is looking very promising. It looks as though Afeni was listening when the reaction to Loyal To The Game was not good........ here is the latest news from an Amaru insider! Exclusive news from Insiders from Amaru Entertainment about Tupac' s Projects: As you all Know Tupac will never Die Coming out with More Projects , Movies, Soundtracks, and Collabarations Sources from Amaru Say. "As the fans already heard that a new Double CD from the late rapper is slated for a fall 2006 release is in its work stages," Celina Nixon, a represenative at Amaru Records Said. They went back to bases on this Project and will add a couple of new spotlights as well. Those who will produce the project are the following Celina Dixon said: Johnny J, qd3, D. J. Quik, Easy Mo Bee, Deon Evans, and Shock G, we just had to go back to the original Tupac producers Jamala Lesane added also in the album will have two tracks produced by Dr. Dre, one being an unreleased track that was recorded during the All Eyez on Me sessions that was not released the other is a new remixed Dr. Dre flavor track. She added also the Neptunes, and Kanye West will contribute to the LP. I mean Kanye is a great producer that will fit the Tupac flavor as soon as he is done working with his project he said he will bless the new Tupac album quoted From Jamal Lesane. People who will guest on the LP are of Course the Outlawz, Snoop Dogg, Natedog, T. Q., she also named R. Kelly. Afeni caught up with R. Kelly in Atlanta while R. Kelly was doing recordings for the Charlie Wison Project, and just asked Afeni could he do a track he said that he got the perfect idea, and stated that Tupac is one person that he wished he would work with. So she blessed him with the idea. Im telling the track is on fire. Also making vocals appearances is Usher Raymond, and Mariah Carey. Mariah just love the death out of Tupac when talking to her. She said that she wished that she could have dated him; I mean she stated the love she had for Pac, so it was good fo her to want to do a track with him. She repeatedly said thanks when she was rewarded said Celina Dixon, but the biggest surprise that will make the LP is a 2PAC/Janet Jackson track that they say they can't talk to much about, but it will be a hot one. Wow, this album looks promising.. Can't wait until it comes out. They also stated that they are also working on a Tupac spoken word album that will feature his message but not his voice and that producers like Easy Mo Bee, and D.J. Quik will make the album also... This release is said to be released the fall of this year. Also in the making according to Celina, and Jamala is a new Tupac movie played by an actor this movie will be in theatres the movie will be a bout Tupac's life on up to when he first started to Rap, They said they have been talking about this movie for along time, but wanted to go with the Rssurection Documentary to let the world know Tupac, From his own voice This will also Be An Amaru, MTV films prodution as was "Tupac Ressurection". And it will also feature a soundtrack... The Title will be called "2pac In the Beginning". ]


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