Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Pac

Happy 35th Birthday Tupac
June 16th, in 1971 Tupac Shakur was born.

Tupac seemed to be growing. He was not only beating the odds, he was doing it in front of millions of people who were pulling for him — pulling so hard that some still see Tupac Shakur alive and well.
Black people, especially those who are young and live in cities, saw Tupac struggling in public with the baggage of being young and black in America. They embraced his attempt to "be his own man" and carve out a future of his own design — against the odds which see one in four black men under the control of the justice system and many others die before they reach middle age.
Everyone is interested in Tupac's rise because they saw themselves in his struggle, his dream.
Its hard to let go of Tupac and the fact that he had survived so much — not only routine racism, but a life of petty crime, even being shot five times in ambush — and survived.


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