Monday, October 23, 2006

Could Pac really of had Biggie killed?

there are 6 gunshots(6 months after Tupacs death, Biggie died.) on Bomb First, and you don't hear him diss Biggie no more in the rest of DK7. This would be good on the side of Pac if he wanted to unite the Hip Hop Nation. All that would be standing in his way, would be Puffy, and without Biggie, Puffy won't have the respect of the East Coast rappers. This makes it easier for Pac to unite everyone. Remember its not about East or West. Which side are you on? but as Machiavelli explains, you can't just defeat your enemies, you must destroy them, give them no chance for retaliation.
Biggie was caught up in a life that wasn't pleasent, he sold crack as a teenager, got pimped by Puffy, Tupac slept with his wife, and now in death still can't avoid the bullshit. It's a shame either one of these talented people had to die, (if they are both dead)


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