Monday, October 15, 2007


'Tupac: Assassination' DVD In Stores Tuesday, Oct. 23; Includes New Info About His Murder?

M U R D E R ?

W T F is going on people?

Tupac: Assassination unfolds as a compelling whodunit that reveals what actually happened the night Tupac was shot and most importantly, why this happened as well as the events leading up to that fateful night and the ensuing investigation. Two perspectives are explored in the film. First, how the shooting happened, what may have led to it and the disconnect between those facts and what the public has been told, and secondly, the testimony of Tupac bodyguards, whose provocative comments provide the answer to why Tupac was shot and killed. These men were never questioned by the police. This film allows them to finally go on the record with what they know. This eye-opening documentary points out all of the failures of law enforcement officials to fully investigate, follow up on leads and interview key parties involved. By the time this DVD ends, the smoke and confusion caused by unsubstantiated rumors, myopic myths and urban legends will dissipate and a clear picture will appear. Alexander and Bond have done something that the Hip Hop community has long awaited. They have provided the facts that may finally bring justice for Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur - 11 years later. Is there enough evidence in this DVD to spark a Grand Jury inquiry? You will be the judge after you see this powerful film.
"Tupac: Revelation was the working title of this film and although the trailer received over 100,000 views on You Tube in just three weeks, Tupac: Assassination is a better fit because it definitely drives attention to the point of our movie. This is not a movie about Tupac's art, this is not a movie about Tupac's life, this is a movie about Tupac's death and what happened to cause it," says the film's director RJ Bond.

It becomes clear that there has been so much mis-information put out by “official agencies”, that the truth of what was going on during that time of Tupac’s life is really not known, and much of what people think they know is just ‘hood myth’. Tupac: Revelation is exactly that- a look at both old and new information regarding the murder of 2Pac. New information gives meaning and clarity to old information; in many cases it gives the old information something it was lacking- context. And that changes everything”. The DVD not only points out some of the false impressions, but it also brings up the “bigger picture.” It actually forces the viewer to step back and look again at what has been in front of everyone all this time. Not only are new things brought to light but when you think you have a question about what they are raising, all you have to do is wait a minute and it is answered thru many of the other interesting participants in the DVD. Along with the witnesses, there is also commentary and professional explanation from others like a former Prosecutors and Judges, Former Las Vegas Police Detectives, investigate criminal journalists and others- who lend their expertise to help viewers fully understand this mosaic.

Even now -retired from rap music- ex-Outlawz member Napoleon speaks of what was going on during the days just before the murder of Tupac. This is the first time Napoleon has done a video interview since Pac was killed. Tupac: Revelation lays out the entire ‘plot’ and shows how events actually happened versus how it was portrayed to the public. It points out failures of police officials to fully investigate and to follow up on leads and to even interview all the important parties involved. Everyone believes they know the reasons the murder of Tupac has remained unsolved; this DVD backs it up; it doesn’t just assert police mismanagement- it proves it. Everyone believes there has been a level of deception by certain individuals; this DVD documents it. It shows the levels of success certain parties have had in planting rumors to make everyone look in the wrong direction.

By the time this DVD ends, the “smoke” of hood rumors is dissipated and a clear picture appears. Alexander and Bond have done something that the hip hop community has been waiting over 10 years for; they are providing facts that could finally bring justice for Tupac (2Pac) , his mother Afeni Shakur, and for the family and all the ‘extended family’ of Tupac Shakur. Once a person views this DVD and things are looked at as a whole, then the picture is so clear, as Former Prosecutor and Judge Mike Allen says “It is clear given what is put forth that grand jury indictments should be brought in this case.” It should also become clear that the Justice Department should look into this case for possible police misconduct. This is truly an amazing ‘Revelation’ on what was going on at that time of Tupac’s (2Pac) life and who orchestrated the events that followed – not only the murder but the events that took place before and after the shooting. This is truly a DVD that not only speaks to Tupac fans, but it also points out that what happened to Tupac happens all the time in all parts of the world- something everyone should see and care about. Did certain people get away with murder? Well it seems maybe they did, at least until Sept. 2007 when ‘Tupac Revelation' is released and becomes part of hip hop history.

October 2007: On that date the ‘mosaic’ will be exposed and the big picture will be revealed. Then it is up to law enforcement to do their job. And if we care, it will be up to the hip hop community to demand action is taken and that this is looked at as a whole - not just look at bit and pieces.


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